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About devilsdue

About devilsdue

Devil's Due is a North American based comic book publisher and pop culture content creator. Hundreds of comic books carry the Devil's Due brand name since its initial creation by Josh Blaylock in 2000.

Devil's Due is a brand that embraces new, even risky concepts, even if pioneering means we risk getting hit with a few more arrows than those who'll follow.

Media and Publishing are changing, or more succinctly: PUBLISHING IS DEAD! LONG LIVE PUBLISHING!

We are experiencing the demolition and rebirth of a new, more experimental, decentralized publishing industry. One where new technologies give power to writers and artists to cultivate and monetize their own followings directly.

We interweave our experience of previous years, and old distribution models with this newer industry - be it through digital exclusives, crowd sourcing, direct-to-retailer editions, or free content backed by big mega-corporate sponsors, what matters is developing characters and stories that entertain the Hell out of people.